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Why Wi-Fi?

There are many reasons to choose a modern wireless network over a traditional wired network:

Accessibility: Access your Wi-Fi network from anywhere in your business. Whether it is a salesman on the floor, or a foreman doing inventory on the loading dock, everybody stays connected.
Mobility: Your employees can move from conference room, to front office, to the supply room while keeping connected to your network. Customers can also move around your business without ever losing service.
Productivity: Less time is spent waiting for a connection or reestablishing a connection. Every square foot of your business is a work station when you have a wireless system.
Flexibility: Wi-Fi systems are easily adapted to add or expand your service. You can add employees and/or customers easily to a wireless network, where a traditional wired network would require more wires.
Security: Modern Wi-Fi security has come a long way. Wireless systems are just as secure now as traditional wired networks. We make sure you have a safe and secure network.

Wi-Fi Services For Businesses

Winspeed Technologies provides Wi-Fi for a variety of businesses. Some businesses we have worked with are:

  • Hotels
  • R/V Parks
  • Cafes
  • Car Dealerships
  • Hospitals

We also do large municipal projects like:

  • Schools & Campuses
  • Construction Sites
  • Marinas
  • Shopping Malls
  • Whole Towns!

That’s right, we can set up an entire town with Wi-Fi. No job is too big. Our service area is the entire United States and most of Canada. Winspeed is your go to provider of Wi-Fi.

We Take Care Of It All

We do a full site survey to determine the best system for you. We check power sources, any potential radio interference, and the best access points. After the site survey, we install all necessary equipment and test it thoroughly. Actual installation usually only take a day, unless the space is very large.

Managed vs. Non-Managed Wi-Fi Systems

Non-managed Wi-Fi is multiple access points for your connection (router). Only when you completely lose access will it search for another access point. Managed Wi-Fi is constantly searching for the closest, strongest signal. As you move from access point to access point, the strongest connection is always selected, keeping you connected. Winspeed Technologies can install the best system for you to make sure your customers don’t lose their internet connection. Whatever space you have, we can configure strong Wi-Fi coverage.

24/7 365 Support

When we install a new Wi-Fi system, you get 24 hour, 7 days a week support for one year. Support packages are available after that, including the Gold Plan which continues your 24/7 365 support. We make sure that our systems are always up and running, no matter when or where.