Training For Your Staff

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Training Comes Standard With Any New System

When Winspeed Technologies installs a new system, we train your employees. Our systems are user friendly, but we make sure that the appropriate personnel knows the ins and outs of the network. Whether it is for phone systems, computer networks, or Wi-Fi, we train your staff and make sure they understand the new systems.

IT For Managed Systems

Winspeed Technologies and our partners install cutting edge managed internet and telecommunication systems. Once they are in place, we make sure that they are running smoothly at all times. As well as training for your staff, we offer around the clock monitoring and IT for your managed systems.

Full Service Training

Winspeed Technologies provides training for administrative duties, personal computer operation, phone/VOIP systems, and more. When it comes to IT training, we make sure that your employees are up to speed on the latest best practices and solutions to common problems. We will train your staff on any network that is vital to your business. Contact Winspeed Technologies to set up a new system and start your training.

Phone Training

For phone training, we focus on your reception/front desk staff. They are the first point of contact, and they are the traffic cop directing traffic. Keeping them up to speed is crucial to a well functioning office. We make sure they are comfortable with every aspect and function of your new phone system. Of course, we also train the rest of your staff on general use of their new phones as well.

PC Training

Winspeed Technologies and our partner companies train your staff on computer systems too. We train on any software and hardware system that we install for your business. We are experienced in most of the major operating systems, and our IT trainers will make sure your staff is up to speed. Once we are done training, we also offer extensive support packages to keep your PC systems running smoothly.

“Train The Trainer”

We also have an in depth program where we train the person you are going to have train new staff members. It is cost effective and efficient to thoroughly train the person who will then be training everybody else. “Training the trainer” is another efficiency measure from Winspeed Technologies that can save you time and money.

Support Packages Available

After training, we also have a wide variety of support packages available. Our Gold Plan comes with 24/7 365 support. Around the clock assistance and monitoring, every day of the year! You have an ongoing resource for IT questions even after your training is done. With Winspeed Technologies, you get superior training and follow-up support.