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Internet Anywhere

Winspeed Technologies is a local company with a national service area. We serve all of the United States and most of Canada. Winspeed and our partners can set up internet networks anywhere in the country. The strength of our affiliation with national providers means you get the best internet system no matter where you are.

Best Deals From Major Providers

Winspeed Communication and our partners work with all the national internet providers including: Time Warner, Comcast, Windstream, and many many more. Our relationship with these providers means we can negotiate the best plan from the company that is best for you. Our position as a national affiliate means we have great bargaining power. Most of our customers save money with our internet service over their current internet plan.

Our S.A.V.E. Program

S.A.V.E. stands for Survey-Analyze-Validate-Execute. We come to your business and do a full “health check” of your current provider. We analyze your internet service, create a tailored managed system, and then set up your new system. Our goal is to provide you with the best internet at the best price.

Managed Cloud Networks

Cloud technology is becoming more and more popular. Winspeed Technologies and our partners provide a variety of managed cloud platforms. With cloud based systems, you have unlimited space, which frees up your computers and servers. It also allows you access to all your crucial data and files wherever you are on the planet. Cloud networks are perfect for the business with limited space, or companies that do business in many locations. Managed cloud networks can also save you money. By working with the major internet providers and our affiliate partners, we can get you the best rate on cloud services. We also work around the clock to keep your cloud network safe and protected. Cloud technology has come a long way, and are as secure as traditional systems.

On Premise Server Hosting

Winspeed Communication also offers traditional server hosting. We can set up physical servers at your location. Our partners and us will tailor a system that is just right for your needs. On premise server hosting is good for smaller companies, or companies with very specific server requirements. Whether you want cloud or premise hosting, Winspeed Technologies has solutions for your business.

Wireless Internet Services

Winspeed Communication sets up wireless (Wi-Fi) systems as well. Click here to read more about our Wi-Fi services.

Internet Of Things

“Internet of Things” (or IoT) refers to machines and other devices communicating to each other. A thermostat that gets weather reports online, a smartphone that can view the interior of your refrigerator, and cars that communicate to each other are all examples of the IoT. Winspeed Technologies always has an eye towards the future. While they are not as common now, soon the IoT may dominate our daily life (and hopefully make it easier). We design all of our network systems with innovation in mind. The IoT is just one of the many rapid advancements that we can keep you up to date on.

Support Packages Available

We have many different levels of internet support packages available. Our Gold Plan provides 24/7 support 365 days per year. That plan also includes server monitoring and a technician is always available to answer your questions. There are many other plans to fit any business as well. After we set you up with a high quality, efficient internet connection, we are here to make sure everything runs smoothly.